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Bud Light Seltzer Variety 2' x 4' Imprint Banner

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Made of 13oz reinforced vinyl with no hem and two grommets on top are a popular choice for outdoor advertising, event promotion, and other marketing applications. These banners are made of high-quality, durable vinyl material that is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, sunlight, and other environmental factors.

Unlike hemmed banners, these vinyl banners do not have folded and sewn edges. Instead, they are cut to the desired size and shape and have two grommets (metal rings) installed at the top for easy hanging. The absence of hemming makes these banners more cost-effective and quicker to produce, which is ideal for large orders or tight deadlines.

The reinforced vinyl material used in these banners is specifically designed to resist tearing, punctures, and other forms of damage. It is also water-resistant and UV-protected, ensuring that the banner can maintain its color and vibrancy even after prolonged exposure to the elements.

The grommets at the top of the banner provide a convenient means of hanging, allowing the banner to be easily attached to poles, ropes, or other structures. The grommets are also reinforced to prevent tearing or damage, making them a reliable choice for outdoor use.

Overall, banners made of 13oz reinforced vinyl with no hem and two grommets on top are a practical and durable option for a wide range of outdoor advertising and promotional applications.

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